Towneplace Suites San Jose Cupertino and The Apple Campus | There Goes Monica - There Goes Monica

Towneplace Suites San Jose Cupertino and The Apple Campus | There Goes Monica

10:14 AM

San Jose is known for being “The Capital of Silicon Valley”. As any tech or business nerd, I wanted to visit. It’s fairly close to Monterey County, and was on our way to our next attraction, San Francisco (which I will be talking more about in the upcoming week).

After out fabulous adventure in Carmel and Monterey, we decided early on staying in San Jose. San Jose is a bit more affordable and closer to our following adventure, the Mothership AKA The Apple Campus in Cupertino, California. We did not have reservations, we did not have recommendations for places to eat, and we were very, very tired. Let the fun begin.

Where we stayed.

As a Marriott Rewards member, I tend to stick to the Marriott Brand across the board. The only downside of this is that you MUST reserve through either, the Marriott app or website, in order to collect your points.  This could be a hit or miss even with price match but I was very hopeful. I ventured onto the Marriott App and looked for hotels between San Jose and San Fransisco that suited our needs, A family of four that fights for the TV remote constantly.  I came upon the TownePlace Suites San Jose Cupertino. I looked at the rooms available (Penthouse = Yes, Under $200 = Sold! ). At this point in our family travel relationship, I didn’t ask, I just reserved.

We arrived at Towneplace Suites San Jose Cupertino a little after 6 PM. We arrived hungry, tired, and with no plans to step out of our rooms. As the person in charge of handling all the reservations, I checked at the front desk with the most cheerful woman ever. Check- in moved smoothly and in less than one minute, I had my keys. As I was leaving,  I hearing someone yelling my name and telling me I forgot my “welcome gift”. I turned around and receive this cute gift bag that, without even knowing its contents, gives me the same energy as 3 espresso shots and turns my night right back around.

We got up to our rooms, conveniently located at next to the stairs, and elevators and are blown away by the size of the almost apartment I booked. Keep in mind, I did not know this was more of a Long Term Stay property as I was tired, hungry, and pretty much did not read any of the description after “Penthouse”.  We decided to rename it Casa de Mont for the night and explore. In this penthouses you will find, a kitchenette, living + dining room, 2 rooms containing a very cozy bed, and TV, and closet systems that I hope to implement in my own home, as well as full shower.

We ended up deciding to visit the strip mall across the hotel where we found a very overpriced restaurant that I refuse to even say the name of and our favorite Boba tea and mochi to kill the gastritis from the restaurant we ate at. I believe that if that Lion supermarket was not there, the little’s and my stomach would have had a very bad night. After coming back to the hotel, we saw a dim sum place that would have probably been a better option, if you end up staying here I would recommend that place as I later read great reviews.

We returned to Casa de Mont and split the rooms, (more like TVs) as I had developed a nasty cold from Monterey to San Jose. I laid in watching friends, drinking water and eating pretzels without a care in the world.

The next morning, we woke up bright and early, still battling the cold. We headed to the main building for breakfast (included in the price). It was a great variety of eggs, cereals, waffles, fruits, and breads. Yet, another reason why we choose the Marriott Brand. We headed out before 11 AM and check-out over the Marriott App (So convenient!)

Apple Campus

If you are a “Millennial” just like me, they you grew up with Apple. You know the first iphone, the first ipod, and the first colorful mac. You know Steve, and everything he constructed to keep pushing the world forward and you probably want to see where everything was born. This was our entire reasoning for our impromptu visit. We arrived early to the Apple Campus Visitor Center that houses the company store. I thought I was the only crazy one wanting to visit the campus and then I saw the about a dozen cars pull up.

The company store is the only Apple store that sells, what I would call, Apple Fanboy gear. It opens at 11 AM on Sundays and at 10:30  AM there was already a line to get in. You could see tourist from all over the world taking pictures with a building, and the sign from the street. It was interesting to say the least. When the store opened, people rushed to the T-shirts and mug display a-la-Black Friday. I went in, did a lap around the store, and settled for one of the T-shirts, that I think was well priced at $30.  Some of the other company store products that you can find here are pens, mugs, journals, and table books ranging from $20 - $120.  I checked-out and our visit to the Mother ship was over. Short and Sweet.

After our visit, we got on the road to our next adventure, San Francisco, which will be up on the blog later this week! Stay tune.

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