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The Privilege of Travel | There Goes Monica

11:58 PM

Being creativity drained is the worst. You sit in front of a blank screen and can't seem to put anything on the page. What do you do? Well, in the style of Don Draper; you watch movies, you go through magazines, and you read inspirational books. If none of that helps, you watch the news; which in the end do not help at all

My inspiration came one morning while getting ready to ask for vacation, from my part-time retail job. I was uninspired, a night before I had skipped a KILLER deal on a flight to New Zealand. I started looking at dates to take off and then a girl posted on the GLT Facebook group.  I normally skip most of the post, as I have no time, but this post postcaught  my eye. I saw that she was asking for (cute?) ideas to make people donate to her travel fun. This rubbed me the wrong way and I decided to stand back and read what was commented, before putting in my 2 cents. I found out that  most people thought the same way and it made me realize how people still don't think of travel as a privilege. 

Coming from, what I would consider, a developing country travel, is a privilege or more like a sacrifice. If you want to travel, or you want your family to take even a small vacation, you need to work hard, take extra hours, skip those small luxuries like;  take out lunches, and pray that no one gets sick or the car needs a fix. If it's a family trip, it becomes a team effort. All of this for maybe a weekend in one of the seaside towns that might just be a drive away. 

In other countries this could not even be a possibility. The jobs are scarce and the pay is so little that you only have enough for necessities. This is the type of situation my parents grew up in and they did not start to travel until well into their marriage. In fact, my mom did not get on a plane until the first time that she went to Hawaii in 2014. Travel was their last thing on their mind when they had just immigrated to the USA and secured jobs in order to pay for their necessities. 

I didn't response to the post that caught my eye. I read all the comments, and I saw that she deleted the post because of the backlash. It made sick and rethink where I stand today. My generation is known as entitled and wanting people to hand them everything.  We need to understand that we are not owed anything, we are not owed travel. Travel is PRIVILEGE that like any other hobby or passion should be funded by your own hard work. 

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