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During my blogging hiatus, I faced one aspect of my life that most women neglect; my finances.  Finance, believe it or not, is something that women do evade in conversation. We might spill everything to out besties, but money struggle is not one of them. As an aspiring travel blogger, finances are a pretty important to providing content and, if you read my blog post " The Privilege of Travel", you know that I have no one to "bankroll" me.  This is when I started researching ways to make money as side hustles and long-term investments. The research brought an abundance of information from setting my mindset to going into a not very obvious fields of work.  

-        I have asked around, and people do not like podcast like I love them! I find them very convenient and helpful. One of my side hustles has involved lots, and lots of driving. Instead of blasting music like I use to, I play one one of the podcast below. It motivates me and gets in the right mind set to either start my day or continue my day after my regular job ends.

-        You truly are what you consume, and this includes the media that you consume everyday. I used to be the girl that listen to endless, unhelpful youtube videos while cleaning or getting ready. That has now stopped for my own good. I unsubscribed from everything that does not help and subscribed to some new business savy people that also give tons of inspirantion and personal stories on how to overcome the 9-5 and get your freedom back. I really enjoy their channels and wish to one day put everything I am learning back into Youtube.

Facebook Groups
-        The magic of facebook groups did not overcome me until last year when I found Girls Who Travel( now Girls Love Travel) . Haley Woods has built has a huge (35k+) community of traveling women that empower and inspire one another to pursue their passion for travel! It is probably the most awesome sisterhood on the interwebs today and I am grateful to be a part of it. After joining, I decided to join more groups that would inspire me and the list below are some of the best ones that I have found! A quick search on facebook will bring you to them!

-        The list of books I want to read and have been recommended to read are an endless list but until today I have only read one that really resonated with me and that would be the Originals. It’s such an amazing and inspiring book! Sheryl Sandberg  was the person that influenced me to buy it after she posted it on her facebook the page the day it was released and I have not looked back. Go buy it, its totally worth it.

 The information I have shared above might not related directly to travel. If you are into culture and architecture, it might be boring to you but you have to take notice. At the end of the day, you need to pay for those experiences somehow. Like the first rule of economics, there is no such thing as free lunch. It’s better to face your finances which could be anything from credit cards to student loans, today. You do not want to wake up 20 years from now, with bad credit and a crappy job.

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