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Holidays In San Diego

11:48 PM

The holidays are upon us and I am pretty excited. This is my favorite season of the year as is not only my birthday but also when families get together for food, fun, and travel. I am not traveling out of San Diego, but I am taking advantage of everything San Diego has to offer this festive seasons. After hearing about events on Facebook and via friends, I decided to compile a list of events you can attend with your friends and family! Enjoy! This List will be updated as new events are announced!

                               Celebrate the start of the holiday season with Julian Community 

November 26th - January 4th - Skating by the Sea @ Hotel del Coronado  
                                                               Tickets are $25 per person 

                                              Tickets are $25 per person, Children 12 and under free w/adult

                            Parade and Tree Lighting Ceremony @ Rotary Park 
                          Free admission to museums from 5-9 and the largest community festival. 

                           Celebrate the start of the holiday season with Chula Vista Community  

                           Between Columbia and Kettner Between 4- 8 PM

                            12 nights in December 
                            Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for children 

                                         Tickets $56 for adults and $29 for children 6-10

                               Can Be seen from Harbor Island to Coronado Farry Landing 

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