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Good San Diegan Series

3:25 PM

When my family settled down in San Diego, my world ended in Chula Vista. Both my parents worked locally and we had no reason to explore further. The first time I got a car, I knew this was not going continue. San Diego was so big, so vast and I could no longer stick to chain restaurants! I wanted to try local cuisine that was not Mexican food! I wanted to experience the nightlife(food scene)! With a copious amount of restaurants, my first time in downtown was confusing. My bestie and I would walk around and not be able to decide. We always ended up at higher end chain restaurants and it was becoming a problem. Let me just give you an example, one of the first nights out on the town, we ate at the Yard House..

The moment I thought all hope was lost, I found Eating and Drinking San Diego.
Eating and Drinking San Diego is a facebook group run by Edwin Real for San Diegans (and everyone else that visits )! It brings everyone; that works or loves the restaurant industry together for REAL recommendations and special events. It is not about was the best 2 months ago, it's whats good right now. It is my go-to place for everything; food and drink related in San Diego and it saved my stomach. Now every time I am looking for the juiciest burger or the best sangria, I use the search feature in the group and I get the best recommendations!

I am writing this post, not only to introduce to you EDSD, but also to introduce you to a new series here at TGM  The Good San Diegan Series (based on the Good San Diegan monthly post on EDSD!) The Good San Diegan series came to me one night when I was searching for restaurants close to my house. I started to notice that all the restaurants close to home are chain restaurants. I wanted something local. Something that was made by a guy that got the recipe from his grandma; who maybe immigrated here a long time ago, etc. After visiting my first local bar and grill, I decided to start discovering all of these food joints (expensive and not) and give them a try (and a feature!). This is what the Good San Diegan series will be on TGM and I hope you get ideas of where to visit that will beat out that overprice and over-rated restaurants, relavent 2-years-ago. And will help local families and economy!

You can find  Eating and Drinking San Diego on facebook

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