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The Balboa | Good San Diegan

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You could live a complete life in San Diego and miss The Balboa . You could drive or walk past it and never know what diamond in the rough it hides. I am hesitant to even write about it because I do not want anyone to ruin it. Selfish or genius, when I find something that good, I keep it close and don't even whisper the name.

I came across the Balboa when J and I were looking for the best burger, on a college budget. We did not want to pay for glamourous restaurants or fancy types of cheese. We wanted an Anthony Bourdain approved burger joint. Not fake, only tasty! When we found out that the Balboa was a bar and it has the best burgers, we were in!When you get to the entrance of the Balboa, you feel right at home. The Bar consist of a few tables, a bar, and a mini-stage. You order at the bar with the most minimal of menus and sit down. It is a relaxed and chill atmosphere. You feel everyone wanting to relax after a hard day at work and its comfortable. I order the California Burgito which is a take of the California Burrito in burger form. J ordered the Balboa Burger and we decided to split some garlic fries. Our drinks of choice where The cucumber cocktail for J and the aviation for me.

The burgers were delivered to our table 5 minutes later and we dug in. They were delicious. Ambrosia (word of the day)! I actually had to google for a word to describe this amazing burger and Ambrosia was it!  The garlic fries were a masterpiece by themselves. They are so delectable that there was not a spoken word during our meal. Our drinks were ignored and all that mattered was in front of us. It was a burger that makes you come back, and a burger you cry goodbye to when, you move out of town.

Scratch that, you could not live a complete life in San Diego without visiting The Balboa . Get there, and get there fast because I feel it's going to get very crowded. Too many people are discovering this little piece of greatness.

*Like all Good San Diegan Series Post (Past, present, and future) all opinions are my own and I paid for my own food.  

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