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Todos Santos and La Paz | Baja Sur Travel

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Road trips are either a hit or miss. I grew up on the road with; a truck driver father and most of out trips were a hit. My dad stops often to buy food or sightseeing which was great. When I found out there was a road trip from Cabo, I was lukewarm about it. I was not having the best time and I did not feel like sitting in a car for 2 hours. I was told to embrace it and give Todos Santos a try as it housed the Original Hotel California. I decided to swallow my negativity and go.

We headed out to Todos Santos bright and early. It was a clear and sunny day with a great view. It surprised me that Los Cabos is pretty much in the middle of nowhere as, I did not see anything major on our way up. There were various tour companies with headquarters in the outskirts of Cabo mostly for ATV tours that did not interest me in the very least. I do remember questioning where they did the zip lining as it was all flat dessert. 

Todos Santos

We got to Todos Santos and saw that the it was pretty deserted. It's a  small town and the only signage I found was for the Guaycura hotel and restaurant. We started driving deeper into town and did not see anything touristy, so like good Americans we rolled down the window and asked a local for the Hotel California. He pointed us in the direction and we discovered we were one street away. We parked about half a mile from the hotel as the street was being remodeled.

We walked up to the Hotel California only to find it packed with tourist. We walked into the gift shop and looked around for souvenirs for back home. I found some painted ceramic tiles, bobbing turtles, and a really nice looking mug that sits on the "travel" shelf of my kitchen cabinet.

Apart from the gift shop there was not much to see. They did have a restaurant, but we were not hungry, There was also another restaurant across the street that was packed, which I am going to guess it's the better choice. We did not really find anything else to see in Todos Santos and decided to go to La Paz.

La Paz

La Paz is about one hour from Todos Santos and two hours from Los Cabos. It's the biggest city in Baja California Sur and the least tourist-oriented. My mom loved La Paz when she came on a trip before she got married. She always tells us stories of the beautiful sea and the boardwalk. She was not lying. La Paz is beautiful.

We started our short visit with the Malecon. I slept all the way from Todo Santos, but I do remember the Malecon being very far from city center and we did have to stop and ask a local for directions. We got to the Malecon and headed straight to an ice cream shop. It was very hot and dry and the perfect time for a raspado. We walked around a bit until the heat was a bit unbearable and we decided to look for somewhere to eat.

On out drive into town my mom saw a palapa restaurant that my father decided to hunt down. We drove about 20 minutes out of town and saw it. We turned around and La Guerita del Bado stood in all its glory. It was pure seafood and we took advantage. My parents decided on a shrimp cocktail and oysters while the sister and I got fish tacos. Everything was hands down AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS. So AMAZING that I did not pay attention when the heat turned into a crazy and scary thunderstorm. This thunderstorm killed our enjoyable lunch and made us cut our visit short. Soon after the power went out at the restaurant we headed to the car and drove away from the storm en route to Los Cabos.

Originally, (before I developed a kidney stone) we were supposed to spend a night in La Paz. I had a hotel ready and I was disappointed when my parents did not approve. They wanted me to take it slow.  The hotel selection in La Paz is small but great and we are going back. It is a 360 change from Los Cabos and I believe I would have enjoyed it. It's less touristy and more culturally heavy.

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