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Welk Resort: Sirena Del Mar | Los Cabos,

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I love planning trips but when it comes to hotels I have super high standards. Like any hard-working person in the world, I like to get the best accommodations for the a budget. If I am traveling with friends, that budget is a bit higher (because I like really nice hotels). With the family, they bring me down a notch, because of space and amenities. When I started looking for hotels in Cabo it was a problem. There is so many resorts but none that fit what we were looking for until I found the Welk resort.

I was looking for something under $300 a night ( which ruled out the Fiesta Americana and lux resorts) , with a kitchen (which ruled out the Riu, Hyatt, and Holiday Inn) and that my parents would not get poached at every second from timeshare people (which ruled out the Grand Maya).
I found the Welk Sirena del Mar after getting a sale email from Expedia. We had already booked 4 nights at the Marriott (Fairfield Inn) to use our reward points and were looking for a place to relax during our long weekend, before our flight home.

The Sirena del Mar offered 
- A full kitchen ✔️
- Living room (pull out couch)and Bedroom✔️
- $189/night 
- ➕ washer and dryer

I hurried to get my credit card and booked it without consulting anyone. I have found everything that I was looking for and more! I was happy with the decision and went to sleep.
I didn't think about the hotel until it was our last night at the Marriott. I started reading that this was a timeshare property. I went through a few of the reviews on TripAdvisor and nobody complained of being  pushed into a timeshare presentation. This made me ease up a bit and relax.


We checked out of our first hotel early and decided to try our luck and check in early. We headed to the property which is about 10 minutes from Cabo Marina and check-in. The lobby is small but tastefully decorated. Here you will find the check-in desk, concierge desk, the printing station, and gift shop. I finished checking-in and headed to the concierge desk where I was supplied with the INSPIRE booklet listing the activities available in the resort.  My parents were offered the 90-minute presentation in exchange for $50 hotel credit but, they declined.

1-Room Villa

Normally Check-in is at 4 P.M. but we were allowed into our room at 2 P.M. We were in room 3303 on the 3rd floor and had an ocean view. This was a gamble as I had not paid for the ocean view but still got one.  The villa included a kitchen (with everything needed), dining room, living room (with pull out couch), balcony dining and hammock, master room, full bathroom and washer + dryer unit. Room service and a restaurant are available in the property if you want to take a break from cooking.

 I should also tell you that we were there to pre-celebrate my sisters 15th birthday and I called beforehand to arrange decorations for the room. I was told to email the concierge and they sent me an estimate which was reasonable and worth it when my sister walked into the room.

 The cake we ordered was one of the best I have ever tasted (Coconut & 3 Leches!) and would go back in a heartbeat just for it. The wine was from a local winery and it was very good according to my father. 

Property and INSPIRE program 

Sirena del mar is a beautiful property with 2 pools, 1 (huge) jacuzzi, firepit, on-site restaurant, beach access, and a killer ocean view. 

My family spent the weekend between the pool, pool bar, and jacuzzi.

 If you have little ones, the INSPIRE program will be a great option to keep them entertained. From early property tours to churro sundae bar to dance competitions, the children will be worn out for a good night sleep. Some activities in the INSPIRE program activities do have a separate charge that will be clearly stated in the booklet.

Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed our stay at the Sirena Del Mar. The rooms were spacious, modern, and clean. The staff was friendly and helpful. The internet was fast and more reliable that the one I have at home. They had a hammock on the balcony! (this was my "spot" for our stay, as I was recovering from a kidney stone.   This was the best hotel we could have possibly found for relaxation. If you are looking for a family resort or just a relaxing one, where you can drink by the pool and relax, Sirena is your best bet. The only thing I would change was the 10 A.M. check-out with a hard no late checkout policy as we had to wake up at 6 A.M. to finish packing. Apart from that it was all smooth sailing.

We enjoyed our stay so much that we are planning a trip up to their Lake Tahoe resort in the winter. We cannot wait.

*All opinions stated in the above post are mine. Everything was paid for with my own money and I am not working with any of the brands mentioned. 

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