Trip Report : Volaris TIJ - SJD - There Goes Monica

Trip Report : Volaris TIJ - SJD

8:48 PM

Hello, TGM readers! It has been a bit quiet for the first part of August because of health issues, going on holiday, and professional internal conflicts. I am now back with a series on Cabo ; where we stayed, what we did, and what we loved & hated. Without further ado, lets start with the trip report.

I booked our flight during a sale which was great. Volaris is a budget airline with super comfy seats, good food, and new planes.  I had never flown with them before but most of my friends and family had tried them once or twice. We (My family + I) decided to fly out of Tijuana as my parents are dual citizens and did not want to get a passport neither in the USA or Mex. They traveled with Mexican IDs and left the kiddos to pay for Visas for our US passports.

We arrived to the Tijuana airport 2 hours before our flight as we know it's a very busy from prior experience. We headed to the immigration both were both the Baby Sister and I paid $34 each to travel into Mexico for the next 6 months. We filled out a small questionnaire and got our passport stamped. We headed in to check luggage as after online check-in I discovered that nothing with wheels could go on carry on . This was not my mothers happiest moments as she dislikes checking in luggage from a few horror stories we heard from a baggage handler. We headed to the line and checked in all 3 of our carry on size bags and headed to boarding. Everyone was cleared and we walked to our terminal.

At this moment we found out our flight was delayed by at least 30 minutes and we sat down to wait. Because this was the day after passing a kidney stone, I could not sit still for many minutes without a massive amount of pain killers so we decided to walk around. I noticed that not 1 but 3 flights to Mexico City ( all packed) took off while our time waiting. 1 hour passed and we were approached by a lady that tried to sell us activities and then a timeshare presentation. This was unacceptable to me as we had not even gotten to Cabo and my parents were already being poached for presentations. I do not know understand what these people were doing inside the terminal but I found it annoying and uncomfortable having to tell her to leave numerous times while she kept ignoring me and trying to poach my parents. Thankfully she had to leave when our plane arrived.

The flight took 20 minutes to let everyone out and the ticket agents  told everyone waiting to get in lines specified on the tickets. We got boarding section 2 and were first to board. In this time a husband got in an argument with the ticket agent which ended with him verbally abusing the agent #notclassy. We boarded and waited about 30 minutes. We then waited another 20 minutes because someone was running late. This guy ended up showing up with the biggest trash bag full of clothes and the biggest personality. Luckily (Not) he went on to retell why he was late (he was at a bar), why his clothes were in a trash bag (he could not check in his $200 bag because he was late), and why the entire plane yelled at him (it was a company going for training to Cabo?!?) . As might have already figured out I was thankful this flight only lasted 1.5 hours.

The flight seats were the most comfortable for economy. They are comfy and make it easy to sleep even with a full size adult in the middle seat. When I booked the seats (and when I checked in) I saw this flight was half full which was not the case at all. It was actually overbooked with a group of about 40 people going to work in Cabo. The best part of this trip had to be the croissant. In my experience flying economy, most of the food is just plain and tasteless. The croissant was actually decent (turkey and queso fresco) and sadly it was only available on flights from TIJ which a few passagers were a bit mad about during the flight back,

We got to San Jose and proceed to wait for luggage and then for a shuttle from the car rental place that never arrived.  We will save the less than lukewarm service we received from Fox Rentals for another post (or not , maybe for tripadvisor).

Our flight back was extremely uneventful,( getting yelled at to turn off my phone while getting on the  plane was about it). The consistency with Volaris was outstanding and for the price I do recommend them as an airline. I also enjoy the fact that their uniforms for flight attendants is super cute and rivals the Pan Am girls from back in the day.

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