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Viejas Casino & Resort

12:37 AM

A few years ago San Diegan experienced the first hot (seriously hot) winter. This was welcomed by tourist but San Diegan also want cold weather. (I am talking below 70 over 50 here). We want to wear our boots that had been cooped up the entire winter, and we want to show off that coat that we got 80% after last winter sale. When my birthday came around (December 21st) it was 86 degrees and boots + coats were out of the question so we ( the Mont family) headed east to a land called Viejas. 

Viejas is about a 30 minute drive from the center of San Diego and located in what some might call the middle of nowhere. Do not fear as we escape to here very often during the colder months to grave a hot cup of coco and watch San Diegans fail (continuously) at ice skating. 

It holds a fairly decent outlet mall with the likes of Nike, Levi's, and Guess to name a few. You can find some of the best kettle corn and hot chocolate (in the colder months) across the mall and let's not forget the new fro-yo place. The people are super nice (and super helpful) nobody is in a rush and you can enjoy a few hours of yet another dimension of what San Diego has to offer. 

If you cross the street you will find the casino. Last time I checked, no one under 18 is allowed in the Casino but I believe that there are alternative entrances to enjoy the casino buffet located at the other end of the casino floor. It has never been crowded in any visit we have given and for some reason I have always had the pleasure of interacting with the nicest people. 

One new ( well in my opinion) addition to Viejas is its resort. Viejas now holds one of the newest hotels in San Diego county and I have yet to visit as it's always sold out when we plan a trip. Maybe this fall we will get lucky? Maybe. 

The water fountain above gives choreograph shows about every hour. It makes for a perfect stop to recharge for more shopping. Viejas is a great day getaway. To shop, eat and play, you cannot go wrong with a visit to Alpine.

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