San Diego County Fair | Del Mar - There Goes Monica

San Diego County Fair | Del Mar

9:17 AM

Yesterday, my co-workers and I decided to get together and go to the fair. I have to be honest, I had not been to the San Diego Fair since 6th grade. For some reason, my mom never let me go (when school field trips were organized) and I never pushed her for permission. The only thing I could still remember was that; it was huge, and it was expensive. This time around it was still expensive but it was not that big. We experience a famous San Diegan bipolar weather day and stayed there until closing time.

The San Diego County Fair is always held at the Del Mar race grounds. It's about a 45-minute drive from the area of San Diego I live in and it takes about an hour to get into the parking grounds because of traffic. After you find parking, its smooth sailing. There are trams running back and forth from the parking grounds to the main entrance and its not that far that you could walk it if you do not want to wait for a tram.

We entered at midday and headed for the expositions. After going through all of them we headed for the food. When it was my time to pick, I felt overwhelmed with all the vendors. I wanted the best fries that I could find and then I saw Pinks. I loved Pinks from last years trips to Universal Studios so I picked them. The cheese fries with bacon did not disappoint.

My friends headed for the rides after this and in Monica fashion I waited for them (Because I do not go mechanical rides) while I took pictures. This turned out for the better as in less than one hour, it started pouring and thunder storming. We waited in one of the exhibition halls until the rain stopped and headed to eat a bit more.

My second choice was the Chicken BBQ dinner as I am a big fan of the Phils BBQ one. I am sorry, but this one did disappoint. I guess once you try Phils, you just cannot go back to anything else. We headed for the games once again and wasted some money on the most rigid games. Finally 1 hour and $40 later, I got my unicorn that was a big hit with the sister.

We ended our night with my friend and I freaking out on the Ferris wheel while my other friend filmed and laughed at us. It was worth, for the sake of the pictures.. but it will be very difficult to get to ride another one of those.. Not. A. Fan.

In conclusion, we had a fun and eventful day at the fair. I do recommend you check it out if you are in San Diego this weekend as they close on the 5th of July.

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