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Goodbye July! | Talk, Plans, and Favorites

12:07 PM

My July went by extremely fast. I still remember starting this month off with a lot of work and I finish it the same way. Prepping the last details for our trip and trying to calm everyone down as no one is my family is fond of airplanes. I pray that we do not get stuck with a hurricane and I hope we get to find the best food cause I am not eating for the next week (well not like im used to). Today, I bring to you the highlights of my July.

1.  Writing
      I once had a friend in my first semester of college that I should write when overwhelmed. I never listen and now that I am writing, here at least, I feel better. The anxiety is getting easier to control and I don't have as many panic attacks as I used to . I really like writing and even if I do not have the best spelling or grammar, I want to continue doing  it.

2. Blush Event
    If you have not read my review on the blush event then go read it! It was a great night but it also taught me that following a career in PR or media or Blogging is possible. Most of the people there wrote for big publications and I just got encouraged by watching them. It was so much fun and I really enjoyed it. 

3. Getting out of my comfort zone
    Keeping with the tone of the above , the event also took me out of the comfort zone. I do not like big gathering or things with too many people because I get a bit claustrophobic (and self-conscious ) but I got over it. I got out of my comfort zone and told the two above to take a walk , as I was having fun. It felt good and got to meet awesome people because of it which was worth t.

4. Learning to Budget
    I work a lot and because of it, I tend to spend money unwisely. This month has been of learning to budget and save money for things I really like, like travel. I love travel and go out to eat good food so I have been budgeting. Going out less to buy fast food and shutting down most of the unecessary spending. It has been hard but it also has taught me a bit more control over myself. 

5. Figuring Out Life
    They tell you your 20s are going to be fun and whatnot. That has not been the case with me , as I have struggled to find what I really want to do in life. Before there was some things I knew I wanted to do but they ended up being things I hated. Now, with this creative outlet and a clear head, I think I am finding my path. It's a difficult one but hey? Nothing in life that is worth it is easy. Its going to take years but it should all work out in the end.

So these were my favorites for July!! What was your favorites this month??? 

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