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Being the Instagram obsessed nut that I am (add me at @monicamont) I came across Blush Ice Bar (@blushicebarsd and the countdown to their grand opening. I saw that they were holding a contest for their media preview night and casually entered (yeah right, more like aggresibly) . I won and it made my day, well more like my week.

To take it back a few weeks I do have to say the restaurant had been on my mind. When we got invited to the Conan event during comic con week, I saw the signage and I was ecstatic. The name was catchy and the concept looked something I like to call modern-chic with that color pallet. I did some research and found their San Jose branch and made me think it fit well with the diversity of the Downtown SD. 

Flash forward to yesterday, I was a bit nervous but very excited. This was like a media event, the first event that even if I was not invited as a blogger, I was going to be with people that do what I want to do and well that is pretty exciting. I got J to dress up (not enough we felt) a bit and left. There was a line and it was packed but hey complimentary drinks and food?? How can you walk away. We said we would stay for about 30 minutes and then find a venue to watch the game but that did not go as plan. We stayed for about 2 hours and watched the game from the table we managed to snag. 

It was so crowded that I did not even know were to get the food until later, but we did try most of the drinks. We started with the Original Blushie and the Kiwi Blushie. Both great, both stronger than they looked (in the best way) . 

We followed up with a Vanilla Sky and a Lynchee Sangria. These were my runner up favorites as they were very sweet and something I would drink poolside in a resort somewhere in Maui. The Lynchee Sangria reminded me of the Hotel Indigo drink I loved and hit the spot pretty nice.

After indulging in some appetizers, I braved into the bar once more for the final drinks. To be completely honest I was going to get a glass of wine to finish everything off but the bartender said I has to try the Blush Sangria. At this point I said why not? and he made  the Blush Sangria and a Crisp apple shooter to try as well. He looked at me and said that I would love it and I did not believe him. I took one sip and I did not even let J try it. It was the best of all the drinks I had that night. I am officially a wine girl. I did not try the shooter but according to J and a guy that decided to become our friend, it was the IT drink. He even offered to get us two more which we politely declined. 

We met a couple of other bloggers and we just had a great time exchanging bios and travels. It honestly surprised me how much fun we had and we are actually thinking of taking a group trip down to Blush when it formally opens. 

Congratulations to the chefs , bartenders, PR,  and staff you pulled off a great event. Thank you to Chemistry PR for sponsoring the giveaway and giving us access to a great night! 

Blush Ice Bar officially opens Friday July 30th , 2015. 

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