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Acqua Al 2 Italian Ristorante | San Diego

9:58 AM

This week is special in San Diego. We welcome Comic Con to the San Diego convention center and it was the reason why I held of writing it. You see, this is one of the restaurants close to the action and would make for a great night our if you are attending Comic Con or just taking a breather (or a glass of wine) from action with children.

Restaurant : Acqua Al 2 Italian Ristorante | San Diego

Location:  322 5th Ave San Diego California 

Hour: 7:00 PM (Dinner)

Ordered: Chefs Choice : Pasta, Entree, and Dessert Sampler.

Acqua Al 2 is was opened in 1979 is Florence, Italy. Owner & Head Chef Martin Gonzales. worked in the original ristorante  and then opened the its sister restaurant in San Diego.

Thoughts:  We started the evening by a selection of 5 pastas.  All were brought out in family style to share between J and I. We started with the Topina al Gorgonzola which consisted of gnocchi with a a gorgonzola cheese sauce. This was by far my absolute favorite. In a close second, Rigatoni all Melanzane was delicious, an eggplant and tomatoes pasta which will enamorate every single one of its patrons.

The entree sampler consisted of  Filetto all'Aceto Balsamico, fillet mignon with a balsamic vinegar glaze. Filetto al Mirtillo fillet mignon topped with a blueberry sauce, and Petto di Pollo al Porto, a sauteed chicken breast with a lightly creamed port wine. My favorite was the fillet mignon with the blueberry saice as I had never tasted anything like it. It was sweet but not overpowering and I am still dreaming about it which will more likely bring back to Al Acqua in less than 2 months.

I am biased towards dessert because it is always my favorite part of every meal. The sampler, Asiago di Dolci, included tiramisu (the desert of the Gods in my opinion ), Torta di Ciocolatta, Cheesecake, and Creme Brulee. Everything was the perfect size in order to get a taste but not overdo the pallet with sweetness. J, who does not consider herself a sweet person loved the creme Brulee and Tiramisu a great deal. This sampler is perfect if you are like me and can never decided between desserts.

Go Back? Without a doubt. I have been raving about this restaurant ever since the visit and even if my friends might be a bit annoyed, they also want to try it. The fact that I have been dreaming about the Fillet Mignon with blueberry sauce (and recommend it to everyone and their mother) just tells you how much you have to go take a peak. It would make for a great celebration spot either big event like a rehearsal dinner (they have event space available) or a graduation (like the family next to us.) I am sure the Acqua Al 2 family will receive you with open arms and amazing dishes.
If you are in the dowtown area for Comic Con stop by! You will not regret it!

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