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5 things to do in Coronado

12:50 AM

If you follow me on instagram, you know that Coronado is one of my escapes. Its even some of my friends escapes as well. When we are feeling overwhelmed with work and life, we go to Coronado. Something about the streets of this Island makes you feel at peace and reminds you why you work so hard. It could be the beautiful architecture of the quiet neighborhoods or the friendly local atmosphere, something will always bring you back.

 Last Saturday , J and I went to Coronado with no plan and no time crunch which led to a great improvised walking tour and a first look at nightlife. It opened my eyes even more to this great Island and what is possible for tourist and locals alike. Here are the 5 things to do in Coronado. 

1. Watch a Movie at the Village Theater 
     The Village Theater is a cute little 3 screener movie theater. Located a hop and skip from the Hotel Del , you can get to watch the newest movies all for the same price of the regular movie theaters. We watched Trainwreck for the second time here and loved it. The theater was not even half full for a Saturday and we could enjoy the movie without a lot of distractions. 

2.  People Watch while grabbing Froyo or Pizza 
 While we were waiting for the movie to start we walked around Coronado for what felt like forever. At one point we got tired and grabbed some Froyo in the front street. We took a seat at the tables outside and people watched ! It was great as we heard tourist with four different languages and some locals just talking their daily stride. 

3. Taking in the water at Candelas by the Bay
Candelas is one of my favorites as they have authentic Mexican food with an amazing waterfront view. Feeling stressed out? Grab a Horchata Martini at happy hour (and one for your friend) and guac with chips for a relaxing evening . This works like a charm every couple months. It's the best therapy (sometimes even more than shopping ) 

4. Spending the day at the Hotel Del Coronado 
In our Saturday walking we also went and tried to get some Mootime Creamery Ice cream at the Del but sadly the line was very long. What we did notice is that the Del is not only for tourist but locals. Locals getting a drink at the beach front bar, locals getting some ice cream and locals enjoying an evening at the hotels main restaurant. So grab a Mootime, get a beach beach front and enjoy.

5. Hitting up Coronado Brewery or a bar 
Like number 4, this is at the other end of the Island. Coronado is one of the most popular breweries in the south part of the county and now even has a location in Imperial Beach. It makes for a great way to share a lunch or dinner with friends and family. Also, if you are in the mood you can hit up one of the bars in Coronado. This catched my attention when walking back to our car from the movie and it brought a movie to mind. Remember American Sniper? Well Kaya met Chris in a bar in Coronado! I just though that was kinda interesting and cute.

Coronado is great! Whatever you decide to do will be awesome and you will not be disappointed! 

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