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Luggage Crush | Lipault Paris

12:00 AM

I work in retail and pretty much live at the mall. Like the next girl, I love browsing on my lunch time. Well, a few months ago, as I made my way back from Panda Express I saw it. It was a perfect, small , purple carry on. I entered the store with drink in hand and made my way to it. I had no eye for any other bags and just as I was about to reach out and touch it, the employee yelled at me. I snapped out of my luggage trance and looked at him in confusion. He told me I could not touch the luggage, I could just admire (or maybe he said look?) at it. I looked at him in pure madness and stormed out (how can I not touch a bag I want to buy?) I did send a co-worker to retrieve information as I was still mad at being yelled at (customer service? hello? ) and she came back with its brand. Lipault Paris.

The following 3 hours could have gone fast enough. I needed to google and find who was Lipault and how I had never seen such a beautiful bag. What I found impressed me and made me question why Lipault had not come into my life any sooner. It is very small and super lite which to me is a plus. They also come in cute colors are very durable which is something hard to find in the luggage world. Most of the time you get style or durability not both. I do have to say that it is at an accessible price because it is not cheap or very expensive. Starting at $169 for the two wheel carry on it is a good prices for something that could last you for a long time. I am still debating adding it to my luggage collection in our upcoming trip. Should I take the plunge? 

P.S. This is a video explaining the bag which I found helpful if you happen to fall in love, just the way I did.  

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