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How to manage pre-vacation stress

1:16 PM

Vacations are time to relax, but it seems everything leading up to the vacation is hectic . Right now , we are less than 2 months away from vacation and I am stressing out. It got to the point I think I have gastritis.. So I had to come up with some tips to manage this stress (how I have done it before)

1. Breath - Drop everything and take a breather. Even if it's just for 5 minutes, put down your phone and breath. You are most likely over thinking and over stressing, every detail. Clear your head, and remember this is only a vacation and perfection does not exist. 

2. Talk it out -  I have to be honest, most of my stress is family induced. I tend to hold in anything I'm ponder inside and don't communicate enough. This is why I recommend to talk out whatever you are overthinking. New perspectives will maybe give you a solution you did not think of .

3. Learn to compromise -  I would stay in 5-star resorts if I could but it is just not realistic (or necessary) at this point in my life. My mom taught me to compromise on different accommodations and move the extra money into excursions and other cultural activities. 

4. Accept change - You cannot control the weather or the airplane or the resort for that matter.  You are worrying for nothing if you for any of the above..So accept that you cannot control it and that change might happen.

These 4 simple techniques have helped me tremendously planning group trips in the past ( and currently) . What are your techniques to manage pre-vacation stress? 

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