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El Agave Restaurant & Tequileria | Old Town

1:05 AM

I had been to Old Town.  Have driven by it many times but, it never hit me as a destination, for entertainment or food. I was wrong, Old Town offers everything, from awesome eating places like the Agave to bard and nightlife. It is truly a must see if in San Diego. El Agave is right at the entrance of Old Town. its located  on a second floor overlooking the City. It has a truly Mexican ambiance and welcomes you with warm hospitality.

Restaurant : El Agave Restaurant & Tequileria

Location: 2304 San Diego Ave, San Diego CA 92110

Hour: 7:00 PM (Dinner)

Ordered: Medallones El Portal and A ordered Mole Coloradito which was delicious.

Thoughts: As said before this was my first visit to Old Town and it was eye opening. Agave was situated a block away from the rowdy bars and chain restaurants which was perfect. It was situated on a second floor, a very intimate setting. The design is gorgeous with a curated collection of tequilas displayed all over the restaurant.  The menu for dinner consisted of appetizers, moles, seafood, moles and meat. I had the Medallones El Portal which was served with potatoes, artichoke and portobello mushrooms. I picked this out as artichoke and portobello are my favorite and found it surprising to find them in a Mexican restaurant. They were delicious.

Go Back? Yes. The alcohol selection is one of the best I have ever seen and we were tempted to try it, but being a Tuesday.. We had to take a rain check. The food had an extremely authentic taste compared to all the sorta Mexican food available in San Diego. In short, It was great food, with great atmosphere and impeccable service that I would recommend for a girls night to a family outing.

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