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Vacation Health Kick

8:51 PM

When on vacation, I hated to take pictures. I was always the one behind the camera and now I regret it. This shall not happen in Cabo! No way Jose, I will not let it happen.

So, I am going on a health kick for the sake of vacation. Its a bit over 2 months and I am only trying to lose about 15 pounds. Trust me, this will NOT turn into a weight loss blog, I love food and I hate protein shakes. Plus, I already don't eat gluten which pretty much takes all the yummy food away. I am just looking to feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin. So, health updates will come every week. Hopefully, on a Monday or Tuesday leading up to Cabo! 

Things that I will be doing
Working out : 5 Times a week (cardio 30 - 60 minutes)
Eating: 5 times a day and not after 6 PM
Drinking: Water mainly, and Coffee in the morning.  
Sleep: 5 Hours at least every night. 

Wish me luck ! 

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