TGM to Cabo - There Goes Monica

TGM to Cabo

12:46 AM

On Monday, I booked tickets to Los Cabos! I am beyond excited and impatient for August! It should be a very awesome trip as I am going with La Familia . I still need to book the hotels and divide time as we might be heading to La Paz and Todos Los Santos for a few days. This is the list of hotels that I would like to stay in and things I would love to book. Hope you enjoy ( PS my tickets were an ok price ! We are leaving from TIJ via Volaris and its going to be about $300 round trip. So if you are looking for a good deal head on over to Volaris!)

1. San Jose Del Cabo
We might be staying close to the airport the night we land just because I know my parents do not fly well. They are gonna be tired and will probably just will like to eat and sleep close to the city. I am still looking at boutique hotels there but these 2 are my top ones

  •   The Grand Mayan - My moms friends own timeshares with the Mayan brand and are always recommend us to stay there. This looks good but I still need to call the hotel to figure out sums. Wish me luck!

2.  La Paz
Early on the conversation, my mom and I decided we were going to La Paz. The last time she was there was more than a decade ago as a nanny. Our final decision was made in the fact that we can drive all the way to Loreto (from San Diego)  but the road between Loreto and La Paz is very nerve racking. Hotels that I am looking at:

  • Costa Baja Resort - Its a beautiful property and would like to see it in person. I actually contacted them before and theya re very nice . So I visit might just me in the cards.

 3.  Todos Los Santos
TLS was decided on after scouting the forums on Cabo. I found a few really cute boutique hotels but the prices blow out the budget a bit. This is still a place that we are not sure if we will stay the night.

4.  Los Cabos
We will be spending the majority of our time some place between Cabo and San Jose. I am still looking for a hotel that are more of rented Condos (But still a hotel) . It will just make it easier for a family that has several food allergies.

  •  Hotel Ganzo - I had read about this hotel (and its Instagramable pool) in various publications and websites. Sadly, it was hit hard by the hurricane last year and it will not open until October. Still, this would be property I would love to experience. Maybe next time! 
  • I am still looking at hotels, it is overwhelming (sorta) to find a ok priced place with a kitchen. Wish me luck!

5.  Cabo Adventures
 In 2013 I took a trip to PV and used Vallarta Adventures for tours. Hands down the best experience ever! Now I am looking at Cabo Adventures for Dessert and Lands End tour but still deciding. Last time we did 3 tours and J & I arrived super tired from the vacation that we had to take a few days to rest. (Worth it !)


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