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TBT: Tales of Hawaiian Hurricane

12:46 AM

 Last year, on our family trip to Maui the unthinkable happen. As we were taking off from SAN, 2 hurricanes were on track to hit the islands. I was furious and then I became concern because, well, I was the one that begged my parents to go to Hawaii . I was putting the family in danger. We got there and everyone was on vacation mode but still on edge. We are Californians.. used to earthquakes.. not so much to hurricanes. Everyone on the island said it was fine, nothing had done any damage since 92' Iniki. The fighting for water at walmart did not enforce that. So, we bought water, some food, and a emergency kit. We knew people on the islands if anything serious did happened and my mom would not let us spoil the vacation. 

We got to Lahaina and checked into the Royal Lahaina with strong winds and a gloomy sky. The staff was friendly and welcoming, assuring us that nothing was going to happen. They did warn us about heading out and we listen. We stayed in the room and came down for a class of necklace making in the lobby. Tables were set up to keep track of the storm and governmental officer set to talk to concern guest. The winds were picking up even more outside and my mother begged me to read our insurance. I did and found some helpful stuff. We called it a night ,as the storm was expected to hit. 

The next morning, the sun came up and Lahaina looked like a living photo. We headed down and out to explore. Huge trees were snapped in half , businesses in the front street were boarded up ( something I had only seen in the Florida news) and the streets were a mess.  Nothing happened to us (except 3 days of a wasted vacation) but we can now say we lived through 2 hurricanes.  

The Royal Lahaina took care of us and made us feel safe ( an entertained, thanks for the classes) . We had a good time and the grounds were just beautiful. Would I come back? Yes.. Would I go during hurricane season? Nope.. well... Maybe. 

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