Take-Off Report Vol. 3 - There Goes Monica

Take-Off Report Vol. 3

6:10 AM

Today TGM turns one month old. I cannot express my gratitude for the support here and on social media. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope to bring more travel and lifestyle content in the upcoming months. Anyway, Thank you again and do follow me on instagram @monicamont for a small giveaway!

This week I started to write out the news but I could not bring myself to write anything about companies or tourist attractions. There is only one thing in my heart and it was Nepal. Having lived (and still living ) in Southern California my entire life we had always waited for "the big one". We prepare Mentally since day one of pre-school and prepare structurally more each year. Having a country like Nepal be the recipient of what, I would consider, a "huge one" this year it makes me realize that everything we prepare for is a reality.
Nepal suffered a 7.8 that has taken more than 6,000 lives ( and counting). They are a third world country that still deal with massive problems with poverty and food supply.  There are various ways to help and I will link them down below + if this is the first place you are reading about the news I will also link articles that recount what has happened and it's currently going on. We pray for the people of Nepal, for the families that lost loved ones find solace and for spiritual, mental, and physical strength in the upcoming weeks. 

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