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Out & About : Coronado

8:43 PM

I am the worst person at keeping a schedule. In fact whenever I write down a schedule , I deliberately do not follow it (I refuse to follow it actually , like it makes me mad if im following it) . Its kinda of an ODD mixture of my ADHD and I have a way to work around it. It consist of  pretty much not writing anything down and leaving most of my life with the ability to be edited through the day.  This is why sometimes (like last week) I forget to post. It was the second week of juggling 3 jobs (Im doing fine) and school. I did post on instagram (super easy with the app) so I thought I could built on that. I went out this week and this is to where. I hope you enjoy. If you have any questions of the places I can make a more indept review of the restaurant or food. Just ask!

Coronado Facing Downtown San Diego

Candelas By the Bay 

Hotel Del Coronado Beach

Del Villas 

Mootime on Del Property 

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