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How to: not be broke for a trip or festival.

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The other day I walked into the break room and started talking to one of my friends. She recounted of her time at a festival that past weekend (Coachella). She told me the ups and downs of the festival and how she encouraged me to go next year (Still a bit undecided on that matter). We started leading the conversation on how much money she spends on festivals and I spend on travel. It got me interested in how people my age (early twenties) spends money, and most of the time feel too broke to afford a trip or a festival ticket. These are the 5 things that my friend A and I discussed to prioritize and not be too broke for a trip or a festival.

1. Bring a Lunch -  Most of the time, Saving for travel means already having a part-time( or full time). This means not having a proper meal at home. When you work in retail ( like I do) the food court might look convenient, but in mean time you will be spending close to $50 a week on food you don't even like. Do your wallet a favor an prepare a simple lunch at home.

2. But Stick to a Favorite - A and I are  Coffeeaholics (she introduced me to my go-to at Starbucks). We bring lunches and indulge in one or two coffee a week ( usually when we can't function) . This is something we decided not to give up because it actually makes our work more productive and we of course we use gold cards to accumulate towards free drinks.

3. Learn about Credit Cards -  CC are a bit subject. Half my friends are afraid of them, the other half can't seam to pay them off. I think there is a happy middle, were you learn about them, and how they can actually help you achieve your goals. A and I both have credit cards but we use them and pay them. I use points to help with hotels and flights. Find which one works best for you and stick to them (and pay them off on time) .

4. Take the advice -  My parents always stress financial health (not buying more than you can actually pay off or need). As parents also did the same. Funny enough we always discuss how they urge us to take care of the bills before spending any money other places. If your family members give you good advice like this take it. Take it and run with it, they have been around more than you and me.

5. Ask for Help -  If you got into debt early on ask for help. Asking for help does not signify you are a weak person. It signifies you are strong enough to ask for help. This is will help you in the future when your credit is not burned out and you will be qualified for big purchases. Do not screw your future up just because you are ashamed of asking for a $25 minimum payment loan. Plus if you strategise with a parents or friend a payment plan, you will have money for that trip or festival in no time.

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