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A game of catch-up

10:58 PM

Lahaina 2014

Its June or is it still May? 
I don't know bu,t I do want to play a game with you today. A game of catch up.
May was hectic and great. I had too much work and too little sleep. I started blueprinting the Cabo family trip and didn't touch it for the last two weeks. I also went to the first blogger event , and I fell in love with life. Could it be possible that all it took was a massage, fruit, and the most chilled out ambiance? Well it did. I also put TGM on the back burner (with school work) and did not touch my getting healthy plan at all. 

That list could go on and on but, we are about to look at the bright side. 

 June is gonna be even better. There is not much planned, Apart from my moms birthday and Fathers day but I have learned that calendars fill up fairly quickly.  Things I do know, I will be working a lot. I will keep going to school and I will be working out again. The blog will go back to the front burner, and the Cabo trip will be completed. San Diego + Tijuana will keep being discovered and some new things could also be arising look out. 

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