Take-off Report - Vol. 2 - There Goes Monica

Take-off Report - Vol. 2

1:06 AM

Its Friday! Again! This week went by at light speed, but I am ready to start the weekend (I dont work! yes!) This weekend is full of oportunity because of the above and who knows maybe a little Baja is in my future? You will see next week! Anyway, here are the highlights of the week.

1. Four Seasons Jet - I have a love affair with the Four Season brand. They are everything ,except in my price range. For the time being, I live vicariously through La Jolla Mom. Anyway, this spectacular jet is part of the Four Season Private Jet Experiences which pretty much would be a dream come true. Flying in FS style via FS properties across the world? Yes please! starting at 100k per person.. you can experience this and much more. A girl can dream.

2. Conde Nast Hottest hotels -  The hottest hotel list is out! I have to be honest, all the properties looked very interesting but I have a soft spot for Uruguay. I really, really want to go and this hotel stood out. It is the Alma Historica Boutique Hotel in Montevideo, Capital of Uruguay. It also made the list of stays of under $200 per night why just makes it a win-win in my book. Might there be a South America tour in 2016?? Maybe, Maybe.

3. Thompson opening in Los Cabos - Baja news could not be present in a TGM post. As Cabo starts to reopen their biggest resorts, they are also opening new ones. The Thompson Los Cabos is set to open in June as the first Thompson property in Mexico. Prices will range from the mid 200s to 800s . 

4. Booking travel via Amazon?  - You can now book via Amazon Destinations. This is interesting at the same time great, for me because I am a huge Amazon nut. I am a prime member since the start of the program and enjoy all the benefits that brings. If they could expand their great customer service and low prices to the travel industry, they could actually kick some competition out of the water. I will keep a close eye on this.

5. American Airline with worst customer satisfaction?  - Finally, this catched my eye because in another life, I met a girl that worked for spirit in a cattle call interview for an Eskimo airline. She did not like her job. Reading this made me think that maybe it's time for spirit to recharge and renew. If you at the bottom, the only way is to go up. Spirit, you might be In a tough one but you can still change your ways. 

Anything interesting that I missed? Comment Below! 

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