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Snapshots: Weekend in Vegas!

4:51 PM

I hope you are having a pleasant Monday Morning ( I know they can get rough, but hey 4 days until the weekend again! ) I just spent the last week working but my Cousin J* (follow her on instagram)  went to Vegas and I sent her with an assignment. This was her first time experiencing sin city and I just wanted snapshots. I wanted to see what her first impression was and what she liked the most. Thankfully, she brought back more than enough!

M: Reason for trip?
J: Friends 21st Birthday. Cliche but still fun!

M: Where did you stay? 
J: We stayed at the Treasure Island. It was really crowded when we got there and had to wait a bit. Also, for some reason they were really aggressive on the tiping. The bell boy had not even taken our bags and they were already  telling us that we needed to tip. Maybe its the norm in LV but I found it a little bit rude.

M: Favorite food on the trip?
J : This Ice-cream sandwich. I would have taken some home it did not melt. I wanna go back just for this sandwich.

M: Favorite outing? 
J: The first night we went to see David Guetta. It was a XS and we got in for free. It took like 3 hours for him to come out but it was great. The downturn came when some guys started fighting even Guetta got scared as they were near the front of the stage. We left right after that.

M: So would you go back and recommend? 
J: Yes! we went in a co-ed group and there was many times girls got in for free but the guys had to pay a hefty fine. I would recommend going in a big groups of girls next time. You can check out more places for free without leaving the guys to pay or all-together behind.

J is a 23-year-old college senior with a passion for travel, fun, and keeping it all on budget (when possible). 

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