SeaWorld San Diego - There Goes Monica

SeaWorld San Diego

10:10 AM

When you happen to have a hyperactive 14-year-old sister, who happens to have a obsession with roller coasters; you tend to gravitate toward local amusement parks. SeaWorld might hold a bad rep since 2011 but its close and convenient. For the price of a one day Dineyland ticket you get admission for 2 years (Including parking) and 50% off Aquatica ( Water Park in Chula Vista) during summer. We bought tickets today and this is what I saw in the short time I was there. P.S. again thanks to the bad rep, the park was pretty much a mid-capacity on Easter Sunday ( a first).

Overall, we spent about 2 hours there and it was perfect for my sister to unwind and relax. We also found out that my fathers favorite BBQ ribs in the park are no more which is a bummer. We will be back for the special events through the year.

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