Places to Visit: 2015 - There Goes Monica

Places to Visit: 2015

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(Puerto Vallarta 2013) 

I live fairly close to the US-MEX border and even with experience in the Baja, I have never truly experienced it.  I go there on the weekends but that is it; to watch movies, eat , and the occasional cultural attraction. This year most of the Baja is my go-to. I want to explore the state I was born in and finally see for myself why all my Canadian customers RAVE about it. Without further ado, this are the places I want to visit in 2015.

Baja California, Mexico
Estero Beach - It would be a weekend getaway from Sunny San Diego and I would be totally fine with it. Its fairly close to Ensenada so we can hit two birds with one stone!

Loreto - This is the road trip for August we have planned. It would A) give my parents a break from flying (neither like it). and B) Gets me a smaller scale Baja roadtrip which I cannot wait for.

Todos Los Santos - This is the long shot for the Baja as its fairly close to Los Cabos ( Huge tourist attractions) and far away from my home base. It would require a bit more money, but maybe early 2016?


Palm Springs - I have never been and just looking at the hotels makes me happy. So colorful and reminiscent of Mad Men. It might just have to be a split stay because of the hotel selection.

Santa Barbara - Last time I was in SB, I went to tour a college with a friend. It was a great, happy campus but I did not get to see the actual town. I am thinking my mothers birthday trip perhaps?

Pismo Beach - This reminds me of my home town in a great way. It looks cozy and laid back for some R&R

Where are you planning to visit in 2015?

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