Encuentro Guadalupe - PTW Vol.1 - There Goes Monica

Encuentro Guadalupe - PTW Vol.1

1:31 PM

As a little girl, hotels meant cable and a pool. It was simple, but that was the place it started the crazy interest for hotels. In fact, my dream is to someday live out of pure (high-end) hotels ( serviced apartments anyone?) but until then, I will visit as much as  possible and admire from the sideline. I decided to start a series of properties across the globe that catch my eye. Today, we will start with a fairly close (geographically to my homebase) and interesting one.  

The Encuentro Guadalupe (formerly Endemico)  is located in the Valley of Guadalupe in Baja California Mex. It's close to Ensenada and offers a base for wine tours and tastings. It also located about 1.5 hour away from the US-Mex border.  It is described as an anti-resort for its lack of television and outside connection. The rooms only consist of 20 stand-alone rooms with private terraces. There is a restaurant on the property featuring wine from this and various wineries across the valley. This seems as the ultimate getaway to unplugged and relax.  Rooms start at $350 and depend seasonal availability. 

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