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Celiac on the Road

12:12 PM

Tijuana Tacos are my go-to as I know everything there is pretty much gluten-free. 

Being gluten intolerant or allergic is  not awesome. Some people think that just because its not wheat, it should be fine but, then you go into cross-contamination and it takes it to a whole other level. People start thinking that you are petty but really just expressing a real concern. When I ask someone 10 times if something is safe for me to eat, I am not being annoying I am just worried  for the next 5 hours of my life. Sorry. Anyway, these are these are the tips I live by to find gluten free food and avoiding problem on the road or off it.
Sometimes when you are starting out homemade is your best bet. 

1. Pack some food -
         This could be either a hit or miss for you. I know people that strongly HATE to prepare food, which others love it. If you take about 5 minutes and prepare some fruits and vegetables to go, it could save you the headache of finding food later on.

Mexican Street tacos are pretty much safe all the time

2.Research -
         If you are going into different medium to large cities, there might some information out there with gluten-free menus. Do a quick google search, take a screen shot, and you are good to go.

50/50 Slaters in Southern Califronia offer great Gluten-Free burgers and Dips!

3. ASK!  -
        Imagine you have a big line behind you and you are about to ask what does not contain wheat, or has not been prepared near wheat. Example: Me taking my entire lunch break to ask the sushi lady if they anything that did not have imitation crab when a line of 7 is forming behind me. Did it suck? Yes. Will I be spending another lunch break asking? No. It was a necessary evil but now I know what to order.

Puerto Nuevo in Rosarito offers basics that are gluten-free and delicious.

4. If everything else fails, keep it simple -
       When I started eating gluten free outside my home, it was overwhelming. I had read too much into it. Now if something does not have a gluten free option or I am not in the mood to ask I order the simplest dish. Things like tostadas at Mexican places or salads (hold the croutons) anywhere else.

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