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BarleyMash I Gaslamp District

1:30 AM

As mentioned before, I live in the finest city in the world. One of the reason for starting this blog was to actually make myself go out and explore SD. To get out of my comfort zone and try new restaurants and attractions.  Yesterday, J and I grabbed our bags and ventured into the Gaslamp District without reviews. We popped into the place we found the most interesting and ordered. This is the outcome of our little adventure. 

Restaurant : BarleyMash 

Location: 600 5th Ave San Diego, CA 

Hour: 4:00 PM (Happy Hour)

Ordered: I ordered a coke and the San Diego Iron Fries. J ordered water and a Hot Turkey Burger which she said was delicious.

Thoughts: I had the final say, as I am the gluten intolerant ( and didn't catch  Barley in the  name) and the thing that attracted me in was the decor. Its very industrial and comfortable.  Also,  it was very casual as there were tourist and locals alike at the almost full bar (Thanks to Happy Hour).

Go Back: Yes, absolutely. Iron fries are to die for and I always value a friendly and welcoming staff. Also, its Gluten Friendly if you stick to the Iron Fries and Salads.


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