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Mexico Day Trip: 5 things to know

12:20 AM

I have done my fare share of Mexico Day trips (living right on the border). My family has gone back and forth for movies, shopping, and eating out. If you are visiting the San Diego area and are planning a day trip to Mexico (Tijuana, Rosarito, and Ensenada) here are the things you need to know

1. You need a passport- I cannot stress this enough. You either need a passport, a passport card or a sentri card . If you do not have any of the above , you can technically still cross over but it will take you at least 3 hours to cross back. 

2. Car crossing- If you are staying in Tijuana, leave the car in San Ysidro. It's not worth to cross it. Driving in Mexico is different from driving in the U.S. It's sorta off a sport. If you are staying local hire a taxi. If you are going into Rosarito or Ensenada look into provisional Mexican car insurance before you cross into Mexico. It's better to be safe than sorry.

3. Research- Know what you want to see beforehand. I am all for spontaneity but if you are staying in the city , there is just so many hours. If you have no plans, you can always hire a taxi libre for the day and let them guide you. This could be a hit or miss. 

4.Be aware of your surroundings - This applies to any destination, but specially to countries that you have never been. Tijuana is safe but like any town, there is hot spots . Stay in populated areas and you will be good to go.

5. If you decide to stay - if you decide to spend the night in any of the 3 border cities, pay a little more. It might be cheap to stay at a motel, but this could not always be safe. For Tijuana the Camino real, the Marriott and Lucerna are good options for foreigners. In Rosarito the Rosarito Beach hotel and Las Rocas are fine. If heading into Ensenada Hotel Coral and Marina and Las Rosas are good options. Keep also in mind the day of your travels. If this is a major U.S. Holiday, your best bet is to decide early on to stay and look for accommodations ;safe, good hotels do sell out.

Anyone planning a Mexico Day trip? 

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