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5 things to do in South San Diego

12:27 AM

As mentioned before, I live close to the Mexico border and work even closer. 78% of our customers are out of state or country tourist. They ask me what they can do in South San Diego without having to cross over to Mexico. These are the 5 things I recommend them to do.

1. Shop -
The bordertown of San Ysidro is home to a large outlet mall. You can find all affordable brands at even lower prices. Cross the street and you are in the presence of some of the biggest (and well stocked) TJMaxx, Ross, and Marshall you will ever see ( trust me, I worked there). Cross the bridge and you get a mixture of nick-nack shops and supermarkets. 

2. Eat -
When I started working at the mall, I loved the food court. Now its another story. Surprisingly enough, tourist are more than happy with the options and also recommend Los Carbones for a more authentic Mexican taco Shop or El Tapatio (home of the original Cali Burrito)  in Imperial Beach.
3. San Ysidro Ranches -
I have to be honest, I did not know this existed up until 2 years ago. Its crazy but I am happy I can share it with you guys. Here, you can take those horseback tours to the beach, without having to deal with Rosarito .They are located less than 10 minutes from the border and are neighbors to our local organic farm Suzies Farm which not only sell fresh organic produce but also,hve family and community events. Check them out here.

4. Imperial Beach -
I called Imperial Beach home for more than a decade and it's a must see. From the small beach town feel to the local grub, you cannot go wrong with spending an afternoon on the pier eating french fries or enjoining the new Pier South ( more on PS later) bar facing the ocean. Don't forget your cow a bunga ice cream, a personal favorite. 

5. Coronado -
Honestly, Coronado is about a 15 minute ride if you a driving from IB or Downtown. It is a small island divided between middle to high-end tourism and affluent neighborhoods. You can check out historic cites like The Hotel Del ( more on this beautiful property later) and eat outside while people watching. It makes for a relaxing evening.

I hope you enjoy the suggestions and have fun in San Diego 

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