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4 tips for trip planning

1:23 PM

I am in the middle of planning a trip for the middle of August. It's kinda of a time crunch and I am planning for my family.this means there is little to no input and I need to go with my gut feeling. Sometimes , I like having this kind of control but other , I wish there was a little input. This also happened last year on our trip to Hawaii and let me tell you, I was pulling my hair out mid June for an August trip ( that ended up coordinating with Hurricane Isele) . In the end it was all great and we had a blast. Here are my 4 trips for planning a family trip with full creative control.

1. Consider who you are traveling with - These extensive trips are with family so I have to take into consideration my parents , my sister and sometimes extended family. I consider what kind of environment they like and try to come up with a group average. This could mean renting a condo instead of a hotel room or booking flights that are later or semi empty to have more space. 

2. Money always matters -  I tend to like high end resorts ( who doesn't) but taking into account extra rooms and budgets most of the time, I need to scale down. This is where you ask, (even if they are not inputting any other information) what a ball park budget could be. Most of the time my parents do not want to go over $400 a night and the more space the better. I try to start looking at reasonable $250 rooms depending on the place and comparing property amenities and square footage. 

3. Check before purchase -  When I have a trip all figured out I present it to my group. I go over the day to day expenses and activities available. I also present restaurants and things to do around the hotel without having to drive. If I get a yes then it's buy time, if there is something wrong, I go back to the drawing board.

4. Insurance -  I did not understand the important of insurance until our trip to Hawaii. I had bought full trip insurance in case of natural disasters or missed flights. I was not happy about putting up $400 more but my mom insisted. It was a good call as we did go when a hurricane hit and even if there was no damage or trip cancellations, it was good to know that if there was, we would be covered. 

How do you plan family trips? 

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